Ethics statement

Why I write

Writing helps me think and this is my primary way of communicating with the world around me. I believe that asynchronous work is more efficient. A concise two-pager conveys more information and helps bring the issue to a conclusion much better than organising a meeting with several people. We live in a world where vocal minorities usually win their arguments simply because they are louder. I’m tired of people wasting time and energy in meetings, by going off-topic and never coming back. Writing bypasses that risk. Having said that, writing has to unfold the real work, otherwise it doesn’t get us anywhere.

How this blog helps its readers

My intention is to give readers a unique perspective on how to navigate the modern technology world, taking into account the human and technological dimensions. I speak about chaos. Corporate blogs usually don’t like to do that, but I do. I put a lot of emphasis on information advantage, so hopefully you’ll find out something new when you read this blog.

Things you can ask me for

  • Business consultancy or executing your project idea,

  • Proofread or write a guest article,

  • Speaking at your conference or meetup,

  • General career guidance in managerial and technical fields.

What I get from this

As well as exploring different topics and structuring my knowledge in this space. I am building personal and organisational prestige. At the same time, I am expanding my network of people, which is of the greatest value if you want to go beyond the standard middle-management role. 

Editorial independence

I write from personal experience with a high degree of independence and individuality. My curiosity leads me to focus on certain topics. This curiosity is often guided by my desire to do good work that improves all our lives, in partnership with other knowledgeable and similarly committed people.

I make it clear that my opinions are just that, opinions, alongside those of others. You may disagree, and I’m more than happy for you to do so.

How this blog is created

Let’s face the truth. I take advantage of external inspirations and writing collabs. This is because I value the time you spend reading my content. I believe that you deserve quality service.

I work closely with Nick Holden, a professional communication expert who helps me think, improve structure and challenge my ideas so we convey the information (which can be complex) in the most accessible way.

  • The collaboration may involve some or all of the following: researching, brainstorming, conceptualising, outlining, drafting, reviewing, revising and editing.

  • Sometimes we collaborate at an early stage, for example on research or a particular understanding of a topic. Other times we focus on how to restructure articles I've already written to make the content more understandable and easier to use in the field.

  • Both of us have the same goal: To demystify without oversimplifying, so that readers in these situations are well equipped to make quality decisions about their organisation's software initiatives.

How I earn money

From my full-time job at VirtusLab. This blog is not a source of income for me. How does my job affect my writing? Is there a conflict of interest? Due to my job, esp. the Head of role, there are things I will not say. However, it also affects my writing in a more positive way too as I’m exposed to a broad range of subjects which I share here. There is always a notable time constraint.

What I don’t do

  • Publish a high volume of content on a regular basis. While I want to stay active and build a habit of frequent writing, please do not expect a new article every single week. There are periods when I’m busy or simply my energy level or creativity are not good enough.

  • Let your subscription data go anywhere beyond my Substack blog, or suck you into a digital marketing funnel or do anything else without consent.

  • Do any type of commercial advertising or endorsing products I don’t believe in.

  • Otherwise, treat you poorly as I may meet you someday.